Kundalini Yoga    



Enjoy giving to yourself a weekend full of inner connection, self-care, relax, love and wellbeing in Tarifa (Cádiz)

Welcome amazing women,

I am Virginia Silvan, a kundalini yoga lover and my spiritual name is Dalprem Kaur. I tell you a little about the meaning of my spiritual name. But first, let me tell you that a spiritual name is a form of guidance towards your purpose of life here. Dalprem literally means something like group and love. Kaur is a princess and all the women who receive our spiritual name have it. The meaning of my name is the princess who brings love to people. And why do I tell you all this? Because it is precisely my intention,  to create this retreat  to generate an experience of true love, in which to vibrate in relax, fill youself with energy, inner connection, union with a wonderful group of women, self care, peace, abundance and enjoyment , for every woman who wants to receive it. True Love has the energy of peace, calmness, enjoyment, softness, strength, abundance, intuition, awareness and light, allowing, flowing, full acceptance, confidence, expansion, gratitude, beauty and connection, the union. When a woman truly rises loving herself, she is creating the way for other people to rise as well.

After the first edition of this retreat, I am more aware about how I love to create a space for women to go deeper into themselves. A space that helps them to recover their natural glow, a glow that radiates on their smiling faces after this retreat experience. It is amazing to see how the women in the group get connected and share, at the same time that they can be with themselves alone. I love to see women giving themselves this act of self-love in which to chill, have fun, recharge their energy, take care of their body, mind and soul, reflect, rest and allow themselves just TO BE.

“The purpose of life is to watch and experience living. To enjoy living every moment of it. And to live in environments, which are calm, quiet, slow, sophisticated, elegant. Just to be. Whether you are naked or you have a golden robe on you, that doesn’t make any difference. The ideal purpose of your life is that you are grateful - great and full - that you are alive, and you enjoy it.” " 

Yogui Bhajan

Program Itinerary

Arrival day 1 Thursday- It is your free day to enjoy fully the amazing place and all things the beautiful house has to offer to you (from sauna to gym, pool, etc.)


Day 2 Friday 

7:30h-Welcome and presentation with a delocious detox smothie


8:30h-Kundalini Yoga class focus on relax and detox

10h-Yogic Breakfast

11h- Creative and meditative activity

12:30h-Free time

14:30h-Lunch time enjoying our food in a meditative way ( an amazing experience of being here and now with our food)

De 15h a 17h- Free time

17h- Awakening our creativity activity

18h-Kundalini Yoga Class focus on detox and create relax in ourselves (1h30m)

20h-Free time 

21h-Detox organic vegetarian dinner-Dinner time

21:30h-  yogui tea moment + Creative Visualization exercise

22:00h-Meditation sesion

Day 3 Saturday 

7:30h-Smothie natural detox 

8:30h-Kundalini Yoga class focus on relax and detox

10h-Yogic Breakfast

11h- Creative and meditative activity

12:30h-Free time

14:30h-Lunch time enjoying our food in a meditative way ( an amazing experience of being here and now with our food)

De 15h a 16.30h- Free time

16:30h- Intention Box Activity + Meditation

18h-Kundalini Yoga class focus on generate new possibilities and opening the heart  (1h30m)

19:30h-Free Time

20:30h-Dinner time

21h- Yogui tea moment+ Creative Visualization excersice


22:00h-Meditation Sesion and Relax

Day 4 Sunday 

7:30h-Smothie natural detox 

8:30h- Kundalini Yoga class focus on increase self-love (1h30m)

10h-Yogic Breakfast

11h- Kundalini Yoga Meditation 

14:30h-Meditative Lunch (enjoying eating like a yoguini does)

De 15h a 16:30h- Yogui Tea Moment + Free time

16:30h Closing the retreat

17h  Check out and come back home

What is included?

-  Kundalini Yoga Sesions

-Meditation Sesions and other activities

-Creative and mindful activities

-Surprise activity (what will be, what will be? :)

-All detox food (vegetarian and organic food) from friday until sunday

prepared with love by La Pachamama

Accommodation (4 days-3 nights)  in a wonderful natural landscape, África views and a great house

   (Sauna, Swimming pool, Gym, nice garden, yoga stuff)

and a lots love from me!

Welcome and goodbye gift

The next retreat will be on 2021, dates are not yet available.

But if you fancy this experience

and want to come with a group of friends or collegues,

contact me and I could create this exclusive retreat

just for you and in dates that are fine with you.

Limited space (8 women maximum).

Accomodation options: share room

or private room (ask about price)

Book now and enjoy this great experience

“Make yourself so happy so that when others look at you they become happy too”

Yogui Bhajan

More info about me

I am Virginia Silván, my spiritual name is Dalprem Kaur. I started my yoga practice 4 years ago. I wanted to go deeper in conecting with myself and my body. First, I went to yoga classes as a student, then I wanted to go even deeper in yoga so I began to study to be a hatha yoga instructor. When I finished it, a new yoga came to me (actually, I met this yoga during my hatha course). It was Kundalini Yoga and I felt in love with this kind of yoga. So later on, I decided to study to become a kundalini Yoga Teacher. 

My soul, my life and my heart are committed to help others in their own way of inner growth (personal and spiritual). All of us has a inner light, so great, but most of the time we can not feel it or see it. To be able to reconnect with this light within ourselves is the key to grow and thrive in our dialy life. Through yoga practice we start to get in touch with this light in us and be more what we trully are. Our level of consciousness go higher and our life change for the better. We become more at peace, calm, joyful, loving, connected, full of energy and purpose. Kundalini Yoga is a great tool for me to reach all of this. I am so grateful to Kundalini Yoga for all the improvement in my way of being and my expansion in pure love. Practising Yoga links us with the Infinite, with our essence, it is like coming back to our true and natural state. Yoga is to say yes to connect with all that it is, to live with consciuosness and to be in touch with our inner divine wisdom. It is actually a way of living your life. Because of this, my purpose is that every yoga class I teach can become an oportunity to be connected with the Infinite in you.  I mean that I am just a channel through which each person can get what they need of their yoga class and have their own inner experience.

As Yogui Bhajan taught, a kundalini Yoga master has this oath:

"I am not a woman. I am not a man. I am not myself. I am not a person. I am a teacher.”